28 October 2009


I am interested in points of intersection between the human body and its environment – where narrative, myth, and site merge to make sense of this relationship, drawing up questions about the sort of frameworks that shape this interaction and alternative methods for engaging and constructing a relationship with the world around me. My work looks at flattening hierarchies from human authority to something more mutual. This is mirrored in my use of different media where the emphasis is often placed on the crossing over of sensory perception revealing a horizontal relationship between media and between the senses.
Lives and Works in London

2013-15 Alt MFA, artists run alternative Masters in Fine Arts
2009 BA (Hons) Drawing and Painting, Edinburgh College of Art
2005-06 Painting Diploma, St Oswald’s School of Painting, London
2004 Foundation course, The Art Academy, London


Florence Trust Residency, London: 2016 -2017

March 29th 2017 – Electric Field – Diaspore Space, Bermondsey London, performance with Sonic Objects
June 2017 – Florence Trust Show 2017

Oh Dear – online exhibition at
HOUSERULES of HAGE, sound installation with  Rabih Hage’s furniture collection, London.
Florence Trust Winter Open, Florence Trust London, exhibition and open rehearsal of my Sonic Object Series

SHELF – Artists Residency, Snowdonia National Park, Wales
[in the mouth] skltloctloctlo – performance and installation with objects, live sound and video in collaboration with Fritha Jenkins at Chisenhale Dance Space, Without Walls, London
Slab – site specific performance with found objects and sound for Made in Roath, Rhôd in Roath, Cardiff
[without voice] nlaaamnlaaanthla – Performance with sculpture and sound in conjunction with Fritha Jenkins at APT Studios, APT Live, Deptford-X, London
Radiophrenia – Radio Broadcast of soundpieces Too Hot and You Cannot Step into the same river twice, CCA Glasgow
Rhôd Artist Camp – residency in Melin Glonc, Wales
Awaiting Breath – Solo exhibition of Sculpture and Sound at Chisenhale Studios, London
To Be Converted – installation of audio work You Cannot Step into the same river twice 2016 at Bread and Jam V 52 Whitbread Road, London

Popty – International Triangle Trust workshop and residency, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Project Radio, Leeds, Audible Structures – commissioned Radio Broadcast for British Art Show, Leeds.  Made in collaboration with artists Fritha Jenkins and David MacDiarmid as part of ongoing research project Expedition to the Icebergs.
Chisenhale Studio 4 Residency – Expedition to the Icebergs research residency in collaboration with artists Fritha Jenkins and David MacDiarmid
Pre- Existing Thing – exhibition of video and sculpture, Guest Projects, London
Alt MFA INternational Jamboree – video performance, Guest Projects, London

A Major Evolutionary Blunder, Apparent Daze – interactive installation with video and sculpture, Chisenhale Art Place, London
Unperforming 3 – performance lecture with objects and drawings, Floating Island Gallery, London
Floating Island Gallery residency award, The Isle of Dogs, London
Please Stand By – film screening Behind closed Eyes, Chisenhale Studios
Of This Earth – exhibition of paintings, Yarrow Gallery
Art Licks Weekend, AltMFA feed – performance with sound sculptures, Bermondsey, London
In Search of The Miraculous – exhibition of sculptures, Floating Island Gallery, London
Technopolis, Behind Closed Eyes – video sculpture, Departure Foundation, London

The Bothy Project – artists residency, Scotland
Pioneer – performance and installation, Chisenhale Studios,  London
Tangle – performance and installation, Project Space Chisenhale Studios, London

Space Invader – Installation of sculptural work at Goat Major Projects, Cardiff
Departure Foundation Studio Award and Residency: 2012/13
System of Objects – installation commissioned by Departure Foundation, London
At Play 4 – installation commissioned by Outie Remes, OVADA, Oxford
Boeing Way to Gas Street – exhibition of sculpture, Departure Foundation, Birmingham


2016 Oppenheim John Downes Memorial Trust
2013 Longlisted for Anthology Prize, Charlie Smith London
2012 Longlisted for Anthology Prize, Charlie Smith London
2011 Encouragement Prize, East-West Arts Award
2008 Travel Bursary, Edinburgh College of Art


2015-2016 Bread and Jam – a series of micro-residencies and exhibitions in a house in Brockley, London
2014-present Please Stand By – of artists film, performance and sound events in partnership with Chisenhale Studios, Chisenhale Dance Space, The Art Academy, London.