28 October 2009

Rebecca Glover (UK) is a multidisciplinary artist working across sound, foley, sculpture and performance. She studied at EPAS in Ghent (2018), with Alt MFA (2013), Edinburgh College of Art (2009), St Oswald’s School of Painting (2006).

Recent exhibitions, performances and residencies include work shown at York Art Gallery (UK), with Contrechamps (Geneva), with Kammer Klang and Abstruct at Cafe Oto (London), KIOSK (Ghent), De Bijloke Muziekcentruum (Ghent), Yorkshire Silent Film Festival (UK), Pump House Gallery (London), Overtoon (Brussels), Gouvernement (Ghent), Florence Trust (London) , Hewing Whittare Project Space, Diaspore Space, SHELF (Wales), Deptford X (London), Radiophrenia at CCA (Glasgow), Project Radio (UK).