A selection of solo and collaborative sound projects from foley and sound design to podcasts and compositions.


Your Mountain is Waiting from Hannah Jacobs on Vimeo.

Since 2019 I have worked as a foley artist/mixer/editor for TV, film, animation, workshops and live projects. Recent independent projects include foley for Your Mountain is Waiting by Hannah Jacobs (see above), Ego Echo by Ezra Belgrado, full sound for Hunting Razorbills by Kadie Salmon and Live Foley for PLANTSEX Belladonna by Alex Cechetti.

For more TV and film work please see my IMDB page or drop me an email to get in touch.


C O M (E) P U L S I V E

I am a founding member of sound collective C O M (E) P U L S I V E along with artists Alina Ozerova (RU/NL) , Ioana Mandrescu (RO/BE), Stijn Demeulenaere (BE), aRzu (CH/BE)

SonicS Podcast – 2018 (Collaboration with Arzu Saglam)

Audible Structures: Expedition to the Icebergs, 2015

A radio broadcast commissioned by Project Radio for the British Art Show Leeds 2015.Commissioned by Project Radio, Audible Structures: Expedition to the Icebergs is a collaborative project with artists Fritha Jenkins and David MacDiarmid. 40 minutes (extract 4m 46s)

Drawing together a number of interviews, conversations, samples and performed recordings, the broadcast explores the Arctic as a landscape existing both in the imagination and in actuality and plays with the point that these differing ‘experiences’ meet.


Trace, 2017 (Sound piece for two speakers, 04:35)

This composition was inspired by my experience of the coastal landscapes in Mid-Wales. In particular a journey 6 miles inland to Craig y Aderyn (Birds Rock) a rocky cliff 250m above sea level. Some 400-500 years ago it used to be the highest sea cliff along the coastal edge. Walking towards this cliff through the flat featureless landscape I felt like I existed between two planes, one in the present and the other submerged in an icy Irish Sea. My journey traced the seas retreat.

Dream, 2016, (6:45)

Too Hot, 2015 (06:11)