A selection of sound pieces, podcasts, field recording and short fantasy works

SonicS Podcast – 2018 (Collaboration with Arzu Saglam)

Trace, 2017 (Sound piece for two speakers, 04:35)

This composition was inspired by my experience of the coastal landscapes in Mid-Wales. In particular a journey 6 miles inland to Craig y Aderyn (Birds Rock) a rocky cliff 250m above sea level. Some 400-500 years ago it used to be the highest sea cliff along the coastal edge. Walking towards this cliff through the flat featureless landscape I felt like I existed between two planes, one in the present and the other submerged in an icy Irish Sea. My journey traced the seas retreat.

Dream, 2016, (6:45)

Too Hot, 2015 (06:11)

Audible Structures: Expedition to the Icebergs, 2015

A radio broadcast commissioned by Project Radio for the British Art Show Leeds 2015.Commissioned by Project Radio, Audible Structures: Expedition to the Icebergs is a collaborative project with artists Fritha Jenkins and David MacDiarmid. 40 minutes (extract 4m 46s)

Drawing together a number of interviews, conversations, samples and performed recordings, the broadcast explores the Arctic as a landscape existing both in the imagination and in actuality and plays with the point that these differing ‘experiences’ meet.