Fluid Bodies
23 January 2018

A series of performances using sound as a sculptural material,  exploring its tactility, the use of filters to sculpt it and the ability of sound to conjure up space, form and structure in air.

In these performances I use objects and my body to sculpt sound. I dive into tiny cavities with my mics transforming miniature worlds into immersive spaces.  Creating a journey in which forms are always in a state of becoming, Where the human merges with other bodies and where we have a chance to listen/experience a site from an altogether different perspective.

Sound alters our experience of being in a body. As it interacts with different materials the body can become fluid, Through sound we adopt other shapes, experience new perspectives and journey in a way that is only possible in dreams.

1 FLUID BODIES (Swallow)

Exploring a darkened landscape.
Tactile surfaces, skins.
Transitioning between bodies, spaces mediums.

Sounds scan the skins of the space, my skin. They dive inside one of my sculptures becoming enclosed, contained, rolled. Held in a body. Breaking out they unravel and envelop. Suck back they are held again glooping and rolling until finally they are swallowed whole.

I ingest the Irish sea.

Documentation of Fluid Bodies 1 (Swallow) Governement Gent, December 2017

FLUID BODIES from Rebecca on Vimeo.


Documentation from performance at De Bijloke, Gent June 2018

FLUID BODIES 3 – adit 9

(Imprints from Cwm Rheidol Lead & Zinc mine, Mid Wales)