Set in the ruins of an abandoned village, known to locals as Maison des Fées (House of the fairies), Borderland was a site specific live performance commissioned by Concerts Dispérses 2019

I explored the site as a ghost-yard, listening for the traces of lives that had passed through and that might have been assimilated into the living present. I focused on absences and ghosts, on dried up river beds, underground rivers, sheep, dust, locals, ants and the various assemblages I encountered.

The site is a living body full of memories of the dead. The grass grows out of detritus of other creatures…human skin inside the blade of grass …human becomes plant…what dreams does the plant have? How do they sound? Crumbling walls breathe, tick, quiver and howl. Whose breath sounds through the stones? If I inhale the dust can I listen to the memories I ingest?

I’m searching for my body in the crumbling debris, behind the chirruping noise as it pierces my temples.
I see you outside, but through my ears you’re crawling down my throat and, although I feel you, I can no longer tell where you end and I begin.

Live Performance with 6 Speakers, Objects and Field Recording,