Fluid Bodies – Shapeshifter

Site specific sound installation created for the bathroom at Hewing Whittare Project Walthamstow.

FLUID BODIES – Shapeshifter Is a a site specific sound installation created especially for the bathroom at the Hewing Whittare project space. Constructed from field recordings made on site and at the Walthamstow reservoirs this piece navigates an imaginative journey exploring the shapeshifting identities of watery bodies. The etherial and at times unsettling soundscape is grounded in a selection of objects. A contact mic emerges from a lump of pink alabaster (formed from a a dried up desert lake in Wales millions of years ago) winding its way into a slab of fossilised sea floor. These solidified water bodies sing to us from their sedentary state. If rocks had a sonic memory, Fluid Bodies might be their anthem.