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Fluid Bodies

A series of performances using sound as a sculptural material, exploring its tactility, the use of filters to sculpt it and the ability of sound to conjure up space, form and structure in air.

In these performances I use objects and my body to sculpt sound. I dive into tiny cavities with my mics transforming miniature worlds into immersive spaces. Creating a journey in which forms are always in a state of becoming, Where the human merges with other bodies and where we have a chance to listen/experience a site from an altogether different perspective.

Sound alters our experience of being in a body. As it interacts with different materials the body can become fluid, Through sound we adopt other shapes, experience new perspectives and journey in a way that is only possible in dreams.

FLUID BODIES IV – Performance as part of Oscillation Festival , Brussels May 2019

FLUID BODIES III – adit 9 Performance at KIOSK, Gent July 2018

FLUID BODIES II – Performance at De Bijloke, Gent June 2018

FLUID BODIES I (Swallow) performance at Gouvernement, Gent, December 2017