Standing in its own time
3 November 2018

Co- Commissioned by Contrechamps and Kammer Klang and curated by Taylor Le Melle, Standing in its own time was an improvisation developed with the musicians from Abstruckt (UK) and Contrechamps (CH) earlier this year. Working closely with the musicians we explored sound as sculptural material used to construct encounters through hidden and imaginary landscapes evoked by drawings, directions, objects and scores.

Live performances – 4 Channels with microphones, hard drive, laptop, phone, handheld speakers, field recordings, objects, space and instruments.

Geneva’s Ice Bergues with musicians from Contrechamps: Beatrice Laplante (oboe), Thierry Debons (percussion), Simon Aeschimann (guitar), Sabine Akiko Ahrendt (violin) and David Fishmonger (sound engineer).

London’s Cafe OTO at the 2nd show of Kammer Klang’s 2018-2019 season with Abstruckt ensemble Emma Arden, Elsa Bradley, Joseph Richards (percussion) and Beatrice Laplante (oboe).

‘Scores’ – Accompanying the work are a collection of images, listening scores, instructions and objects used to develop the piece. Arranged as a form of map these provide visual clues and orientation markers for the experience and interpretation of the soundscape.